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Air Duct Cleaning is Important. Here's why:

Pittsburgh has a reputation for having one of the worst air quality records in the nations.  Even though our city is so much cleaner than it used to be, good air quality is still a concern.

Your home is not immune to air quality problems.  In fact, the EPA states that most people’s indoor air quality (IAQ) can actually be worst than outside.

Why is that?

Most of us live in homes that are more air-tight than old homes.  And because of our HVAC systems, we rarely have windows and doors open.  So we are just recirculating the same air through our home over and over and over.

So view your duct work system as the respiratory and circulatory system of your home.  If we don’t keep it clean, it sure doesn’t help us to have good health.

Air duct cleaning removes dust and debris that is stuck in it’s circulatory system.  As a result, the cleaning can be of help to people with asthma and allergies.

Over time, dust and debris can accumulate in your HVAC.  Dust is normal. Cobwebs trap and collect dust in your vents.   Debris usually happens from construction, or when junk is brushed into floor vents.  (We’ve found some unique things in floor vents).

Having your air ducts cleaned is a good idea.  You don’t have to have it done as often as you dust your home, or wash your walls.  But at least once every ten years is a smart idea.

We cannot promise that air duct cleaning can cure your asthma or allergies.  But it can definitely help.  We have had clients inform us that after the air duct cleaning service, they believe it did help.

Even in our own home, we noticed a difference after we cleaned our own vents.  Members of our family have asthma and breathing-related concerns.  Air duct cleaning has been good for us, so we recommend it for you.

What Our Customers Say ...

We were looking for a cleaning company that uses green products to clean our carpet and air duct, and we’re so happy that we chose Clean Interiors. Jen and Dan were very responsive in addressing our concerns and scheduling the jobs. They came early in the morning and got both jobs done in one day. They moved all the furniture and cleaned underneath. We came back to a house that felt so refreshing, with clean vents and super soft carpet. They even got rid of several spots that had been there for years. Our son is allergic to dust mites, and after the cleaning, his symptoms were significantly lessened. We’ll definitely use Clean Interiors again.  — Hua C.  Pittsburgh  *****5 Star Google Review  2016

Our son is allergic to dust mites, and after the cleaning, his symptoms were significantly lessened.

Good experience. Nice people, very informative and knew what they were doing. I would recommend and will recommend them.  –Sandra S.  Pittsburgh, PA  ***** 5 Star Google Local Review 2016

Nice people, very informative and knew what they were doing.
Fantastic work.. we would definitely recommend them to friends and family!  –Lauren M.  Gibsonia  8/11/2016 *****5 Star Yelp Review
Fantastic work..
I have used Clean Interiors multiple times. We have kids and pets and have yet to find a challenge Clean Interiors hasn’t met. They are excellent, fast, and reasonable. Plus, they are so very nice!! It’s rare that I can recommend a service without reservation; Dan and Jen get just that.  –Sally N. Sewickley, PA 4/21/2016 *****5 Star Yelp Review
They are excellent, fast, and reasonable.
\I’ve been enjoying the services of Clean interior for several years.  Very professional and do an excellent job.  No surprises on the pricing.  Upfront and honest.  Have and would recommend to anybody.  –Pilar M.  Sewickley PA  10/21/2015  *****5 Star Yelp Review
Upfront and honest
Clean Interiors was wonderful to work with.  They were super accommodating, I had to reschedule twice.  The work is excellent and we are very satisfied.  –Aimee H., Coraopolis PA 10/12/2015 *****5 Star Yelp Review
They were super accommodating
They were great to work with!  They were very accommodating with our needs and did a great job!  They even made recommendations that ended up saving us money!  We will use this company again in the future!  –Jen N.  South Park Twp.  9/30/2015  ***** 5 Star Yelp Review
They were great to work with!
Clean interiors were very professional from the first call I made to them. Dan made this process very smooth and stress free. We just bought a new home and really needed to get the carpets and vents cleaned before we moved in. I called around and even though clean interiors were not the cheapest (and certainly not the most expensive) they for sure we’re the best. Gary and Dan took their time and cleaned every vent to perfection and they brought the carpet back to life. I will recommend clean interiors to everyone for their price and professionalism.  – Mitchell B., Pittsburgh 5/15/2015  ***** 5 Star Yelp Review
I recommend to everyone for their price and professionalism.